Saturday, August 8, 2009

Always Keep The Faith. Five is ONE

I'm really proud for being part of Cassiopeia+Bigeast+TVXQ international fans

the love spread by the Dong Bang boys and the Cassies are so warmhearted.
during this hard time for both TVXQ and the Cassies around the world, we need to be strong and support the boys together.

Lets pray for the best, everyone!

Always Keep The Faith: Message from International Fans to TVXQ

Part 1

cre: reallaerreal@YT

Part 2

cre: xbadstarx@YT

Part 3

cre: xbadstarx@YT

Part 4

cre: reallaerreal@YT

Part 5

cre: dbsklubcha@YT

Part 6

cre: dbsklubcha@YT

Part 7

cre: chepopoo@YT

Part 8

cre: reallaerreal@YT

Part 9

cre: xbadstarx@YT

Part 10

cre: dbsklubcha@YT

Part 11

cre: xbadstarx@YT

Part 12

cre: reallaerreal@YT

credit from Cassiopeia + Bigeast + international fans from all over the world

Monday, August 3, 2009

They have to be happy

I'm in a total boredom right now.
shoot. what should i do? it feels so uncomfortable
actually, there are many things to do. but i don;t know why, i just feel nothing.
it's empty
*i know, yellowmellow mode on*

currently, i'm in the progress of doing my big fat assignments.
i'm reading the textbook, and i found out that there're 3 perspectives exist in this world (from sociological point of view). they are: modernist, symbolic interpretive, and post-modernist

there's a question:

if a tree in the forest fall, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

from modernist point of view:
of course it makes a sound, and it could be measures. the reality is independent, regardless of whether there's some one there hearing the sound or not. it's logical that the thing make a sound.

from symbolic interpretive point of view:
there's no way we could find out whether it made a sound or not, because no one was there to experience it. reality happens from the individual's perspective. reality is based on the assumptions people make about it.

from post-modernist point of view:
*they will throw more questions * like...
'who has the right to ask and answsuch question?

this is how the 3 perspectives are different from one another. but post-modernist is still under development, and still being argued if it's actually exist or not.

Hatch, Mary J. and Cunliffe, Ann L., 2006, Organisation Theory, 2nd edition, Oxford University Press: Oxford

okay, i went so......... bored to made me writing this. but i got overwhelmed.
right now i feel like kissing Yunho. mwwahhh... oppa, give me vitamin!!! okay?

aigoooo his face when he said 'i don't have a girlfriend yet' gosh.... so adorable...hahaha...or is it just me?!!! *bias bias* *blush blush* >_<

How I wish their problem right now is not exist, but....
maybe it's going overboard. maybe they can't handle it anymore.
but why only Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment?
why Yunho & Changmin didn't.
I supposed it's because they have responsibility and contracts over the drama that they're working into right now.

I hope everything is okay
I don't care the final results, thou.
That should be the best way. I'm supporting all 5 of them.
I believe in them, and everything they do must have been thought thousands times.

because they have to be happy.
My Hero, My Max, My U-know, My Xiah, My Micky

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

what parents are

I was just finish watching a korean drama, 'Shining Inheritance' or in hangeul 찬란한 유산. it was such a good drama, heart warming, with a lot of norms and values contained in it.

one of the best lesson told there was:

there was a son trying to sell his father's heart.
he took it away and was running away
but he fell down.
he dropped the heart on the ground
the heart, covered in dirt, said... 'child, are you okay?'

that's what parents are

an unconditional love

most of the children don't realize the parents' love towards their children,
including me.
the story told in the drama taught me about it, even though little by little.
hopefully i'm heading to be a better child.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Unveiling the Sixth Sense

Actually, I've watch this last semester at my Entrepreneurial class. but it's worth sharing.

"This demo -- from Pattie Maes' lab at MIT, spearheaded by Pranav Mistry -- was the buzz of TED. It's a wearable device with a projector that paves the way for profound interaction with our environment. Imagine "Minority Report" and then some." Ted conferences, LLC, 2009.

It's unbelievably significant, rite? the fast forward of technology. Gosh. and the guy is genius.
we could even scan everything to help us make decisions for everything. even the tiny lil' thing.
It happens by the miracles of internet. i can't imagine how life would be without internet.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Quotes time

My friend, who's feeling blue, has a hobby to make quotes of his life. and he gave me these quotes made by him:

credited: Rendra Ferdian

Who do you turn to when the only person in the world that can stop you from crying is exactly the one making you cry?

I'm convincing myself, yes I'll find someone new, I won't be alone, and I won't be with you... You're waiting for me, to crawl back to your side but no..not this time, I'm keeping my pride .. So goodbye forever, I'll be on my way, It's gonna take time, but I'll be okay

I thought I was finally getting over him and actually believing I didn't love him anymore, I was finally excepting the fact that I couldn't have him and that I didn't want him, but then... he smiled and ruined it all

Someday you'll cry for me like I cried for you...
Someday you'll miss me like I missed you...
Someday you'll need me like I needed you...
Someday you'll love me BUT I won't love you!

boy : i saw her today
girl: i saw him today
boy : it seems like its been forever
girl: i wonder if he still cares
boy : she looks better than before
girl: i couldnt help staring at him
boy : i asked her how things were going
girl: i asked about his new girlfriend
boy : id choose her over any girl i'm with
girl: hes probably really happy now
boy : i couldnt look at her without starting to cry
girl: he couldnt even look at me
boy : i told her i missed her
girl: he doesnt miss me
boy : i meant it
girl: he didnt mean it
boy : i love her
girl: he loves his new girlfriend
boy : i held her for the last time
girl: he gave me a friendly hug
boy : then i went home and cried
girl: then i went home and cried
boy : i lost her
girl: i love him *(credit: internet)

It's hard to tell your mind to stop loving someone when your heart still does

to Rendra.... thanks for the quotes.... and lets laugh at our stupidity.

Friday, July 3, 2009

what's written on a truck

today i saw my facebook friend's page. and i found this as his status updates.

kata2 di mobil truk?
  1. kutunggu jandamu
  2. cintamu tak semurni bensinku
  3. pergi karena tugas..., pulang karena beras...
  4. besar di rantau..., tua di jalan...
  5. selingkuh tak selamanya indah
  7. mencari nafkah demi desah *WTF? LOL*
  8. tak sehina yang kau duga
  9. Biar Miskin Asal Sombong
hahahaha interesting!

credits: chachu uchu@fb + nawir cozy @fb

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

my soundtrack of the day

What day is it today? i can't remember
i'm still lazying around at home. browsing. watching. and facebooking

currently i'm listening to Tohoshinki's 'Stand by You' song.
and it just match my current feeling right now!!! my current condition. bleh~~~
here it is..

cre: chocojournal @youtube

the english translation:

Stand By You - Tohoshinki

Since the day you left without a word of goodbye
I feel that the scenery around me has changed.
The promise I made
that I would become your everything
and the incomplete memories
have also changed.

When you were crying by yourself back then,
if only had I run to you
you would still be by my side.
If I was given one more chance,
I would tell you once again
that I love you.
But the words that contain my overflowing feelings
cannot reach you anymore.

Where are you now?
Who are you being with?
What kind of clothes are you wearing?
What are doing and laughing at?
I am right here.
Even now, I am right here.
And I still believe that we will see each other again.
You're the only one I'm thinking of.

Just once more,
I want you to stand at my back with your tied hair
asking me "Guess who it is~~~"
and expecting me to say out your name.*
Just the two of us being silly like that day by day.

I can't forget you,
But the truth is, I don't want to forget you.
I can't feel even a bit of happiness
because you're not by my side.
No matter how hard I try,
I'll end up crying
and my tears just won't stop.

Where are you now?
Who are you being with?
What kind of clothes are you wearing?
What are doing and laughing at?
I am right here.
Even now, I am right here.
I still believe that we will see each other again.
You're the only one I'm thinking of.

Therefore, I am right here
singing the song by myself.
Even though I don't have any reason to embrace this pain anymore,
I can't help doing it.

Even if I know that the days
when you were by my side making my world shine
won't come back again,
and no matter what will happen,
no matter how far I'm lost,
I never ever want to forget that my heart has chosen to love you.

No matter where you are,
no matter who you are being with,
no matter what kind of dream you are dreaming of,
or what you are doing and laughing at,
I will be here forever.
Even now, I right am here,
believing in a day that we will meet again.

This feeling won't change,
and you are the only one I'm thinking of.
This feeling won't change,
and you are the only one I'm thinking of.

credits: linhkawaii @LJ + tvxqfever.blogspot + dbskarchives.blogspot

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hi-C stands for Hip-Chic!

During holiday, i gathered with my high school friends a lot.

we went shopping, watching movie, photo taking, driving around town, gossiping, eating, and hang out at a cafe and just chill around.

(left to right) Astri, Alfie, Me, Uni, Rieska, Kiki
we're here to plan the photo taking. Yes, we luv photography (but only with us as the models) LOL

(left to right) Tirta, Alfie, Uni, Me, Qbond
Qbond will be going outside town. we hang out to cheer her up for her school project there.

here's the photo taking. these are not the professional ones. they were taking by my friend's sister.
the professional results will be posted once i got them

left to right:
Dinie, Rieska, Me, Uni, Ama, Qbond, Alfi, Astri, Ayu Ning, Tirta, Kiki
location: Makassar, Indonesia

We're Hi-C!!! abbreviation of Hip-Chic
my high school clique ^o^

there're 11 members (sorted by alphabetic)
Neong (Me)

I also hang out with my high school buddies: Rendra, Aldy, and my secondary school friends. *will be updating with pics soon when the pics in my hand*

Holiday, I got a confession!

My school holiday is over. but the memories left behind is still in my head.
I went back to my hometown during school holiday.
it was so fun, yet heartbreaking at the same time.

I went back, gathering with my family, friends, and all my lovely peeps.
there are so many things happened. okay, let me reveal my secrets here.
something that my family don't know, which i feel sorry about.

I got a crush (again) with my ex. The only ex-boyfriend that left a deep foot print in my heart (LOL...what a cheezy line)
okay, the thing is, he already got a girlfriend. no. it's a fiance

whatever, i don't care. as long as he's not married yet, there's no boundary between us, and i can still talk to him.

i got a confessions to make. we kissed. we hugged. we say love to each other.

but it hurts. because he still loves me, but he also loves her. he has this 'up & down, hot & cold' attitude. Sometimes it's okay if i come next to him, but sometimes he declare that he's already someone else's, and i'll get a better guy than him.

I can feel that he keep a distance with me. after they exchange rings.

there are may times i have to holding back my tears, especially when he calls that girl (that girl live in another city. she's a flight attendant), that girls' families. and he without hesistation talking freely in front of me!!! without any considerations of how i feel.

when it was my birthday, 26th May, he didn't say any birthday greetings. He said, that girl knows my birth day, and she made him promise her that he won't say, text, or any form of congratulatory on my birthday!!! how mean!!!

when it was his birthday, 30th May, she came for 2 days, and i can't see him. and i can't celebrate his birthday.

I felt so lifeless

He was my high school boyfriend. I was with him for almost 4 years (with break up and make up). I broke up because I left for Singapore. somehow i feel boredom, and yeah, i kinda left him because we had a big fight and i have this strong reason why i wanted to break up with him.

That girl was a friend of him who he talked to when i let him down.

before going back from Singapore, I called him. I miss him. then he announced that he's gotta engaged. I cried to him (i know it's not my right to complained), but he said apologies. and he said he wanted to see me. I ask him to pick me up at the airport, he agreed.

the next day, i called him. i miss him. i can't wait to see him again, and i know i ruined my exams because i can't stop crying all night because his stupid girlfriend picked up my call, and i have to talk to him awkwardly and said 'u don't need to pick me up' (shoot!!! why does this happen! and at this time!??!!)~and his GF doesn't know our dialect, so he told her a lie about what i've been talking about (she turned on his phone loudspeaker).
i dunno whether i should feel sorry about that girl or juz ignore her. She send me messages from his facebook account not to disturb him anymore. again, i don't care.

i dunno where this thingy leads to, but i will just continue. Let the time lapse and show the result.

I'm in love with my own sins
i don't care what other people say. but i know i have to end this at some point of time.
in the end, i never see him anymore since the day he told me to accept the reality that he belongs to somebody.

I'm glad that he said that, showing that he won't easily playing with 2 hearts at the same time.
of course, it's hurt. but i know, i don't wanna be treated like that girl.
I put my feet on that girl's shoes. if i have a boyfriend, i don't want him to be like that.

I should sincerely let him go, eventhough i know it's not easy.
I dunno, whatever meant to be, will be.
so, I dun hella care!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

SMTown Bangkok Fiesta 4

The concert began around 5pm++
They were late thou, we're waiting for so long, and before the concert actually started people already stand...gosh... i mean, don't you want to save some energy before running out of energy with the 5 hours concert? huuuufffhhh...
but what can we do, we have to stand too otherwise people will step on us...T_T
hahaaa... we even got separated with Maggie. Lucky girl, she's tall she doesn't need to find a perfect spot to stand.

The first appearance was Shinee
They danced to "Run It" by Chris Brown
It was awesome! especially Taemin...the magnae (the youngest among all the members)
and Key was so cute^^... he likes to look at the fans (with blank

everybody went high all of the sudden since their appearance...
the audience went crazy, and us, we're moving like waves. we're being pulled and pushed by the crowded. Damn it was horrible. It felt like a war...

I was like "If I knew the condition would be like this, I should have took the seating venue"
I felt like dying...haaiiizzz
and as time goes by, we actually got to stand so close from the stage. We stood at the second row in front of the stage (one people gap). yaaaayyy ^__^

The advantages: we could see the idols very very very close, and they could see us very clearly too!!! Super Junior Leeteuk even went to us and offering to shaking hands, and even took a letter from the fans and read it right away.

The disadvantages: It's a damn hot spot!! so many people want to took over our place, hence, they push and pull us around. So we have to be ready to defend all the time in those 6 hours.
another disadvantages were:
- the stage was so high, so short peeps (like me) wouldn't be able to see if the singers performed at the back side of the stage
- the sound system damn blocking the view!!!!!!! shoot!!!!

although I think other venues also have same problems thou...
but being used to attending westerners music concert, my expectations were high.

I mean, at the other concert I've attended, like Rihanna's, My Chemical Romance's, Gwen Stefanie's, and other musicians' makes me feel like this concert is so harsh. The people keep on pushing and pulling us around, as the result, we couldn't concentrate at the performance itself!
It was such a huge audience thou, so I didn't blame the artists from walking around since the stage arrangement was unbelievably huge.

Gosh, I really want them to perform in one simple stage (without stage wings and everything) so that we know where to stand to get close to them. sigh...
damn, life is hard T_T

I was so excited and anticipated for the moment I will get to see my Baby, Jung 'Uknow' Yunho...
At the first Dong Bang Shin Ki's appearance, Hug's intro, the heartbeat sound played.
Dang! I was like "owmygosh, owmygosh...this is it, this is the time..." I prepared my eyes and heart (not to stop thumping...LOL) finally I'm going to see them!!! the 5 Rising Gods of The East!

but guess what!!! I have to calm myself as I'm listening to their voice live but I couldn't see them!!!! They're at the most front stage (not the main stage). They came to the stage with cars. Shoot! it's my all time most favorite song! and I have to be patiently cried out...andwaee....

but when the rap song 'The Charm of the 21st century' by Yunho, Yoochun, Shindong, Donghae, and Key started,
'Gasp.....................................'(sound of blood sucked) U-know Yunho is in front of my eyes!!! in black suit with his diamond earring.

my response was:
stand, freezing, with dumbfounded look, I was so speechless that I couldn't make any sound. I felt like my brain stop working, and i threw the gift hoping that he'd pick it up (damn, i ald made a promise with Dilla that she'll be the one who'll tell me when is the right time to throw it to the stage!!!)~~~can I be more clueless??? ほんとうに ばかやろ!
LOL...even Dilla has to think first, she couldn't recognize leader-sshi...she was like 'who's that? he looks familiar' LMAO... coz I didn't make any sound!!!
this is also the reason why I don't have a single picture of him that i took with my camera with my own hands. every time he stands in front of me, i juz went blank and freeze.

hehehe..that's all i need to explain about my first impression to Jung 'Uknow' Yunho
I couldn't think about anything else... I couldn't see how good looking is he, how fair is he, how charming is he...i juz drawn to him...really, I juz like him more and more!

alritey! time to review on Dong Bang Shin Ki! (I'm so sorry if u find this to be biased...because i like them a lot. But I'm trying so hard to look from neutral perspective..arasso?)

Kim 'Hero' Jaejoong:
He's indeed gorgeous, but he looks really tired and pale i guess he'd be more gorgeous when he's in better condition. He smiles by himself a i dunno why.
but i guess...that's another dorky side of him (everybody knows how wierd could he be?..hehehe)
*kick by Jae & JJ lovers*
and he unbuttoned his clothes! showing off his masculine body...sigh...JJ... how could you expect your fans to be alive after they saw that?

Jung 'U-know' Yunho:
Hahaha...I'll try my best to judge fairly, okay?
He's tall..well, duh! He got pimples that day LMAO, and his face blushed to red ( I dunno why), maybe because of the heat???? from winter in Korea to the humid hot Thailand. He's cute and likes to monkeying around, doing jump and random dance!!!! *kick by Yunho*
but when it times to performing the SMP songs, damn I was about to faint!!!
his dance, his moves, his flow (sounds like G-Dragon's rap @Seungri's Strong Baby.. ;-p)
it kills!!! Yunho oppa!!!! aishiteru~~~!!!!

Park 'Micky' Yoochun:
LOL...I can't be bothered more about his hair! it was messy and puffy *slap by Yoochun*
but there was time when he pull back his hair (only abt 2 seconds), damn he's beautiful! okay, beautiful in a manly way! he's so fair and looks like a westerner. He's truthfully a cutie!!!!!

Kim 'Xiah' Junsu:
while I'm expecting for funny, adorkably, clumsy Dolphin to appear, but He appear so manly! He's so good looking and more handsome compare to the pictures and the videos. and there was a time that impressed me the most, when they sang 'Love in the Ice'. before his turn to sing the high pitch part, he raise both of his hands till the waist, close his eyes, and absorbed energy around him. We can tell that He really really enjoy singing and sings with his full heart. it really made me touched. Dilla also saw that, and he came to like Junsu more! (well, who doesn't??!!)

Shim 'Max' Changmin:
hhhyyyaaaaa...I luv him more after seeing him in real life!!! XD
He's soooo dazzlingly charming!!!! he shines so brightly (i know it sounds cheezy, lol)...but i meant it!!! when people said he's so cool on stage, I found him so attractive and he smiles all the time too (not like adorkably smiling by himself like JJ did! lol...*slap by JJ*) He looks at the fans so often! (or is it only me felt that? since I stand just in front of him)
in the middle of the performance, he unbuttoned his shirt!!! sigh.... Changminnie! did u intend to flood up the hospital by your fainted fans due to major nosebleed u caused??? LMAO XDDD
okay, one more thing to explain about him! His smile kills!!!!!

Changmin while singing Love in the Ice
blurry blurry, it's so hard standing straight steadily when it's TVXQ's turn to appear.

Super Junior M performed "U" and "Me"

TVXQ at ending

Super Junior Eunhyuk, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Zhoumi, and Yesung!

SNSD Taeyon, LOL i dunno when did i took this pic, but I felt that I din snap any picture of SNSD??? well, since the quality is quite okay, I'll juz put it here^^

okay, I wanna tell a story that really gave us a huge impact that night. in fact, it gave us huge impact up to now, and it becomes our everlasting story, that'll be unforgettable for both me and Dilla. This was happen in the middle of the concert.

We knew that Super Junior Heechul likes Wondergirls (specifically, Sohee...LOL). We knew that Heechul likes to dance to Nobody, Tell me, So Hot, all WG songs...
Thus, Dilla decided to make a banner 'Nobody but U 김희철' before, while waiting for the concert started. At first, Dilla put up a small towel with painted Hangul 희철... i was very sure he saw it!!! He took a glance at it, and do some kinda bow which looked like thanking to the fans. We were already scream to excitement!

after a while, she took the 'nobody but u 김희철' banner and put it up (eventhou i grabbed it harshly when i hold it and it poorly tore apart). but u know what???? Heechul saw it!!! with laughter, he danced to 'nobody' in 5 seconds!!!!
OMGee!!!!!! Me and Dilla looked each other and SCREAM like hell..Woooaaahhhh It feels like a dream!! being noticed by ur idol!!! it really become one of the best moment of our life!!! after that, Heechul became so special in our heart ^__^

and there was this funny thing, at the ending, all the artists stood in line in front of us. Super Junior was on front of us, TVXQ was in the middle. and there was this girl holding an SNSD lollipop balloon that blocked my view to them (no offence), i was so pissed!!! (coz she also blocked my view when it was Yunho's birthday celebration).
okay, back to the main story, I couldn't see TVXQ, so I juz take a look at Super Junior. I happened to look at Heechul, and he actually look at Dilla when she took a picture of Hankyung (also SuJu member), and how dumb, she also shouted 'Hankyung, Wo Ai Ni!!!' (hankyung, I love you)..hahahaha

so I spank her and scold her 'what did u do??? Heenim was looking at you??!!'
ROFL...LMAO...LOL...after i told her about that, she's dyin' of regret and feeling sorry for having an affair in front of Heechul.... ^___^

SMTown Bangkok Fiesta 3

Dilla, as a Petal & Undead!
she insisted to take pictures in front of Heenim's banner!!!

banners that attract our attentions were:
~ Prince Shim banner (for TVXQ Shim Changmin)'s really huge! and the Cassies were kindly holding it everytime someone wants to take picture with it.
~ TVXQ 5 members in photoshopped pictures wearing Thai Boxing suits. honestly, I don't really like it.
~ Soompi forum team (from Los Angeles) walking around with "Soompi forum come here to greet TVXQ" banner in their hands.
~ oh, there was also Happy birthday banner for Super Junior Kyuhyun.

merchandise that attract our attentions!
~ Girls Generation huge lollipop toy!!'s freaking cute!!!
~ Girls Generation t-shirt which was wore by 2 western guys. It says 'Yuri is my Hero' in Pink ink on a white t-shirt.

a birthday gift for my Yunho which I supposed to give him at the end of the concert, and how fool I was, to throw it to the stage at the beginning and it didn't even reach the stage. so it lost in front of my eyes, in front of Yunho, after that incident i really had a bad gloomy mood. i didn't even concentrate to watch the concert itself. I felt like crying every time I remind of it.

Dilla's (HeeBumIn~stands for Heechul, Kibum, KAngin)
Maggie's (U-know U Got Jaejoong (she's YunJae supporter)
Mine (Siwon, Prince Simba~ simba is siwon's nickname given by Heechul)

Me, Dilla, and Maggie.
Maggie, a friend we met there. Her mom is so friendly, and Maggie also kindly explain every time there's announcement
we're waiting in front of the stage to save the nearest spot to the stage.

She also likes Yunho & Jaejoong, and Heechul & Hankyung. what a coincidence huh?!
and she memories all their song lyrics u know? i mean tvxq, super junior, and girls generation's songs! even the smtown songs...
uummm...well, maybe we'll memories them too if we knew them a lot longer than this.
we're kinda new fans, remember??? hehehe^^

SMTown Bangkok Fiesta 2

Saturday, February 7th 2009

Here's the real deal.
The concert held on 7th February 2009 at Rajamangala National Stadium. the concert started at 5pm - 10pm.

we arrived there around 10 am, and people were already queued in front of the gate! LOL... the gate itself will be open at 2pm. so we had lunch first, walking around the area. It was so interesting, the fans were so enthusiastic. We could see that they are prepared all the banners, balloons, lightsticks, posters, merchandises, and the clothes! every artists have their own signature color for us to be acknowledge who we are.

TVXQ fans: red
Super Junior fans: blue
Girls Generation: pink
Shinee: silver blue

because I cherish both TVXQ & Super Junior, I couldn't decide what should I wear (beside, I don't bring any red t-shirt), so I wear neutral colour. but I hold red & blue lightstick, of course.

while we're waiting, we enjoy the atmosphere of fandom^^ hahaa and took picture surely

'Yunho u got me'....was quoted from Mirotic song, there's a lyrics said 'you know you got it!', and Micky & Yunho were high fived together after that.

behind the story of my banner, I have 2 banners, one is the "happy birthday Jung Yunho" and another one is this one. my friend, Dilla...also had a banner with "No Body but Heechul" written, but she didn't bring it because it's too big!
actually I ordered from my friend in small size, which we can hold and show during the concert, but it came out like these big....sigh....i really really felt like crying TT_TT

ready to go in, collect the ticket. we purchased the ticket online (thank god there's the english version) at

we made friends there. Yeah, it's easy to make friends with them because we already have mutual interest. and the Thai people are so friendly!!! they are so nice, polite, and full of smile.
I met a friend called Maggie. She translated the announcements for us, and she even brought our bags when we went to the toilet. I'm so sorry Maggie TT_TT

Thursday, February 12, 2009

SMTown Bangkok Fiesta

I know it's too late to write about this, because I was so busy catching up with my assignments and lectures after a 5 days out to Bangkok for the sake of watching SMTown Live in Bangkok which was held on 7th February 2009.

ok, I'll explain about SMTown now.
SMTown is a community of singers whose working under SM Entertainment management which centered at South Korea, and bring the Hallyu wave accross the region. the artists are some of the best in the industry. some of the legends are: H.O.T, BOA, Shinhwa, and of course my lovely TVXQ. They are the one who spread Kpop fever all over Asia, and the world!

the artists who came to perform at the concert: TVXQ, Super Junior, The Grace, Zhang Li Yin, Girls Generation, and Shinee!^^
unfortunately, The Grace could make it due to one of the member got injured and she has to be hospitalized (i guess?)

I insisted to go since Bangkok is closer than any other country where they held concerts at, such as South Korea, or China. Another reason (the main reason, actually ;-P) was because 6th february is my lovely number #1, TVXQ U-know Yunho's birthday! 2008 is the first year I became a Kpop fan, and this is his first birthday since I became his hardcore lover. and I get to celebrate his birthday together with him!!! hhuuwwaaaaaa~~~ ureshiii na'!! I'm glad I made it! ^^

I went with my family (my mom and brother) and my friend (with her family as well).

6the February 2009, the Press Conference day.

Okay, we were being greedy said we'll be on the spot (Parc Paragon, Siam Centre) early in the morning, but we ended up arrive there around 12 noon. It was damn hot, and the fans were already waiting there enthusiastically. I know TVXQ, the one I've been anticipating the most won't come up because their schedule. so..... I'll just wait for Super Junior then...

we juz arrived there and getting too excited! hahaha...this will be our first time experiencing the fandom world of KoreanPop. we really are a newbie here!!! we just started to know about korean pop artists since July - August 2008.

Everybody there seems to own complete merchandises..LOL
i was like...seriously, they sell all kpop things in their school like it's just so common there...not like us, in Indonesia or Singapore, it's so rare to find Kpop merchandise being sell! and all of them are adorable! i mean, they don't look like cheapskate stuffs. sigh.... i want them too!!!
we saw SUJU & TVXQ umbrella, and we asked some of them, 'where did you buy it?' they said 'at my school'...aahhh..i envy Thai fans!

we wait untill 4 'till the dance cover performance go to the stage. they are all amazing! they even did complete dress up & make up the same with the real artists! two thumbs up!
and a lot of cute boys up there! LOL

I'm sorry, the pictures are blur because I can't seems to make my hands steady...LOL

around 5 pm plus, the real artists came and heated up the fans. it was really scary! Gosh....the fans went crazy and everybody wanted to go to the front so that they could see closer. I mean, it's not even the real concert yet! well it's indeed closer than the real concert tomorrow...but this really marked a deep scar (LOL...wth am i talking here?) to me, i felt depressed just to think about the next day, the real war which is the concert day itself. How would it be? it's only the PressCon yet it really heaten up the masses 'till i felt like dying there! I couldn't even breath! so I gave up after 10-15 minutes and i get off from the crowd and find place at the back (even at the back, we can't move and we can't get out from the presscon area, because it's closed since afternoon (restricted so that the mass won't be exploded..duh! already!).

there were:
  • Super Junior members except Heechul & Kyuhyun (they came but didn't attend the presscon), and Kibum (who didn't come to Bangkok, rumoured he stayed because his Mom fell sick) poor thing~~~
  • Zhang Li Yin
  • Shinee: all five members; Onew, Jong Hyun, Taemin, Minho, Key
well, u know what, i was kinda dissapointed with this presscon. while we have to wait so~~ damn long under the so~~~burn hot sunny, we can't see our top priorities! (fyi, my friend was waiting for Heenim & Kibum!( and they didn't come). and what i wanted to see is my TVXQ Jung "U-know " Yunho and the other TVXQ members ( i luv them equally!) ~well, I also like Suju thou, but still... i felt like it's kinda not worth it with those kinds of harsh conditions. But thank god i get to see Shinee!!!
I wasn't really into them initially, but after I saw them. I was impressed! i was like "WOW!!! these boys are surprisingly shining!" I mean, they have bright aura/charisma! Gosh damn it! they are so~~~cute!!! after that onwards, i officially became their fan as well (sigh...)

report on Suju, Shinee, Zhang Li Yin

Super Junior....
  • Leeteuk: He's such a nice leader! He's friendly, full of smile, attentive to the fans, and he's funny as well, and as just what we see from the pictures & videos, he's cute just like his nickname Angel Teukkie^^ ( he wore sunglasses that he admitted in the internet, he wore it so that in the pictures, he won't blink)...LOL...what was that???
  • Sungmin: He's cute! but he looks more manly in person (i mean, different image from what i we all know, that he's irresistably-adorable-cutie)
  • Hankyung: He looks exactly the same as the pictures & videos, just he's fairer in person
  • Siwon: Gosh damn it! He's so~~~~~ handsome! i expected it thou, but he has an aura of a model! his charm really brightens everybody around him!!! He's way better looking in person! and a total gentleman! sigh....i fell for him again that day^^
  • Eunhyuk: when in the videos we usually find him cute and funny, in my opinion, he looks different! i didn't find his 'cute-foolish-beingbullied" look. He's simply cool!!!
  • Kangin: he's getting fat (i'm sorry oppa TT_TT) *kicked by Kangin*, and he talked alot...LOL i didn't meant to talk bad about you, oppa~~~ *slapped again by Kangin*.
  • Ryeowook: He looks better in person, and more stylish
  • Yesung: me & my friend were totally in love with Yesung there!!! he's so kind, friendly, such a camwhore, and likes to make pose to the fans (while others are talking) for us to take his picture! yaaaayyy!!! WE LUV YESUNG!!! ^^
  • Donghae: he's so cool & stylish with that hat!!! and he likes to play around with Siwon.
  • Shindong: He's darn slimmer than we thought! i think it's because of his hair make him looks fat. but actually he slimmed down!
Zhang Li Yin: She's pretty, has a nice body, and humble ^^

  • Onew: full of smile all the time, and friendly! adorably sweet<3
  • Jong Hyun: He's cuter in person, less mature look, makes him more adorable^^
  • Taemin: DanG! he's really cute!!! without special expression already makes him just too adorable to resist!
  • Minho: as we expected, he's manly & mature. damn he's good looking (well, duh!)
  • Key: shoot! i fell for Key after seeing him here! he's shining so brightly. He's already fair, and wearing stylish white cardigan makes him unbearably charming! the first time i saw them, i told my friend 'damn, the Shinee kids are so~~~good looking..." i mean, they are waaaayyyy better looking in real life!! sigh....why should I fell for my dongsaeng? LOL

Happy 23rd (24th in Korea) Birthday my dearest Jung Yunho 6th February 2009

Saturday, January 31, 2009

fandom craving

These days I haven't had a chance to update my diary since (well I'm not busy thou) I'm spending my time watching dramas and catch up with my favorite korean boyband's variety shows.

As people around me knows, I'm obsessed with korean boyband called Dong Bang Shin Ki or in korean hangul 동방신기. They were debuted in Korea 26th December 2003. In Japan, they're known as 東方神起 romanized: Tohoshinki (japanese form of dong bang shin ki), debuted in 27th April 2005, and in Chinese (also their international version name) it's TVXQ (Tong Vfang Xien Qi)~ chinese form of dong bang shin ki. The meaning is 'Rising Gods of The East'. Their name has a meaning that this group will expand throughout Asia and the world. At first, they admit that they were embarrased to use this name, as the meaning is superior and it makes them bring a lot of pressure to prove that they're as good as their name. But now, as they are the biggest and we could say the number #1 group in Asia, they're confident and proud of their name.

Many people in my hometown don't know them, since we're not so in touch with internet, because it was damn slow. Thus, we didn't know what happened around the world, and in order to get to know them, we have to be an active netizen because most of us doesn't have korean tv channel.

People said why do they have so many names? well simply because they were also debuted in japan, so they have a japanese name and chinese name for international fans.
Their official fansclub is Cassiopeia, has registered 800,000 fans from Korea (years ago), and now it has reached more than a million from Republic of Korea only (excluding all their international fans such as Japan~their fanclub name is Bigeast~, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, United States, Australia, Spain, and any other countries all over the world). well, we love them as much as the official Cassies do...