Monday, August 3, 2009

They have to be happy

I'm in a total boredom right now.
shoot. what should i do? it feels so uncomfortable
actually, there are many things to do. but i don;t know why, i just feel nothing.
it's empty
*i know, yellowmellow mode on*

currently, i'm in the progress of doing my big fat assignments.
i'm reading the textbook, and i found out that there're 3 perspectives exist in this world (from sociological point of view). they are: modernist, symbolic interpretive, and post-modernist

there's a question:

if a tree in the forest fall, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

from modernist point of view:
of course it makes a sound, and it could be measures. the reality is independent, regardless of whether there's some one there hearing the sound or not. it's logical that the thing make a sound.

from symbolic interpretive point of view:
there's no way we could find out whether it made a sound or not, because no one was there to experience it. reality happens from the individual's perspective. reality is based on the assumptions people make about it.

from post-modernist point of view:
*they will throw more questions * like...
'who has the right to ask and answsuch question?

this is how the 3 perspectives are different from one another. but post-modernist is still under development, and still being argued if it's actually exist or not.

Hatch, Mary J. and Cunliffe, Ann L., 2006, Organisation Theory, 2nd edition, Oxford University Press: Oxford

okay, i went so......... bored to made me writing this. but i got overwhelmed.
right now i feel like kissing Yunho. mwwahhh... oppa, give me vitamin!!! okay?

aigoooo his face when he said 'i don't have a girlfriend yet' gosh.... so adorable...hahaha...or is it just me?!!! *bias bias* *blush blush* >_<

How I wish their problem right now is not exist, but....
maybe it's going overboard. maybe they can't handle it anymore.
but why only Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment?
why Yunho & Changmin didn't.
I supposed it's because they have responsibility and contracts over the drama that they're working into right now.

I hope everything is okay
I don't care the final results, thou.
That should be the best way. I'm supporting all 5 of them.
I believe in them, and everything they do must have been thought thousands times.

because they have to be happy.
My Hero, My Max, My U-know, My Xiah, My Micky

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