Monday, December 29, 2008

nOT anoTheR orientation daY

Today is my orientation day. It's not that I'm a 'real freshmen', but I was just started my 3rd semester.
Ok, I'll explain about my school.

I'm studying at Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) majoring in Business Management. SIM is a new public school in Singapore, previously it's private (and it's the first and only one private-going-public university in Singapore). The thing is, public tertiary institute in Singapore can not grant a degree as public school can. Thus, they bring overseas universities to collaborate with to be able to issue a degree certificate for their students. Of course, the degree are granted from the overseas schools.

Here I am, studying Diploma in Management Studies (DMS) awarded by SIM itself for 15 months; and after finishing DMS, I straight away being transferred by SIM-RMIT to the 2nd year of RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) University in Business Management specialized in entrepreneurship. Do take note that I'm still doing my study at SIM building and stuffs, but I can transfer/move to Australia anytime within my education.

I think I'll postpone my story about orientation when the pictures arrived at my facebook / email!^^

Sunday, December 28, 2008

holiday or school days?

Good morning, Singapore!
well, it's not morning anymore... is it just us (bloody bored students here), or we tend to sleep so late like around 3am and woke up around 11am? so our morning starts at 12!
So we skip breakfast and our lunch usually around 3 - 4 pm and we don't eat dinner, but we crave late night snacks instead! Now I find out why the dietin
g method of skipping 2 meals is not working.

I know this is so not healthy. but we can't help it! This is the life of overseas students.
fyi, I live with my brother and my two friends in an apartment

We're away from home, none wake us up, none do everythin
g for us!
Like in my home at my country, when we wake up, the breakfast is already served. The home made meals are warm and delicious. Here??? we'd just buy o
utside, hang around and bump into a cheap cafe or junk food restaurants to eat.

We never did laundry before, especially that ironing. gosh, it's just so tiring and t
he clothes don't even get sleek and tidy like how it supposed to be.
The after washing clothes usually mounted up 'till weeks and we started ironing them when we have no more clean clothes to wear. yup, i know if you find it disgusting. So come and help us up T_T

During holidays, our days are like what i mentioned above. sleep late and wake up late, being lazy the whole day, the time passes damn fast! watching movies an
d browsing internet and it's suddenly the next day again.
At school days, we study, doing assignments, meet our friends and hang out after school. eventhou it's tiring with loads of assignments, it's okay for me since i like to be
busy than just lazying around on the bed day and night.

this is my 'used to be school and my lecture theater' we're at the roof top! the last day of school

That's why traveling is so tempting when the school holiday is coming! and my school holidays never been short! it's like a month or more!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Talking about my Hometown, Makassar

Makassar, is the capital city of South Sulawesi, one of the big island which floated in the center part of Indonesia.

Makassar is the main port in Sulawesi island. The airport is 'Hasanuddin international airport'. It was just finished built, this is the new airport and the previous one was being used for Hajj terminal. Because in my country, the major religion is Islam, and going Hajj is what everyone's passion about. thus, the organizing process is a lot more tedious than any other traveling matters.

credit to:

The harbour is "Soekarno-Hatta Harbour". isn't it beautiful? ok, I haven't even actually been there. I went there when i was like 3 years old? (who the hell would remember?) and once when I picked up someone but I was only standing outside. the rest of my life, I've been traveling by airplane, 'coz my mom hates cruising. she doesn't like the smell of the paint on the boat (i wonder how was it), and that's the reason I haven't fulfill my dreams of riding a superstar cruise. sighh... T_T


Makassar city was a nice quite place, until the last 7 years, it has became overly crowded and now it turned to be a metropolitan city.

it's crowded like hell, the traffic jam is everywhere!!! just imagine when you have tricycles at every corner of the city (this is one of my favourite transportation! it's windy but don't ride it when it's raining and the sun shines with its full smiley^^), and overloaded of motorcycles (just because the requirements of motorcycle's loan application is so easy), and a bunch of public transportation which looks like this!

tricycle; public transport (we call it pete-pete ~ pronounce it like 'pet'+e', twice!)

credit: +

It has a beautiful beach 'Pantai Losari'~well, not 'so' beautiful, because it's not a white sands one! :(
the beach front is one of the hottest spot to hang out among teenagers. So much of cafes, bars, spas, hotels, restaurants, and a lot of food streets you can find!

The weather ranges between 27'C - 34'C. it's either sunny or rainy, the temperature almost the same. It could be extremely hot and dry especially with the over polluted air. it's not like Singapore, where the temperature is hot, you perspire a lot but it won't be harmful for your skin, because the humidity level is high and the air pollution isn't as bad as there!
ok, enough about the weather thingy.

Now, the people in Makassar has unique characters.
they are loud, talks a lot, but they'll be nice when you got to know them well.
Pride is their main aim of life, and when they got mad, they could be very rude.
people from outside the island used to think that our language is rude. well, it sounds rude thou...but we grew up with high respect to older people as a critical manner. Thus, it's very important for us to address our elders differently. Our 'dialect' is classified into polite, semi-polite, and casual. Just like any other part in Indonesia, i guess.

The people in Makassar loves food a lot! that's why food counters are everywhere. we have a bunch of traditional foods. but most of the 'main' foods are not healthy. LOL... yeah,... we eat too much meat (beef), mutton; we love spicy and sour foods! that's why we put lemon in most (ok, all) of our soup meal. But the seafoods here are the best!!! You can eat 'till you drop with a reasonably cheap bills, and it tastes good too!!! it's something i miss the most about my hometown, because the seafood here (singapore) is so pricey! and not so yummy... :-(

My first finger print on this blog!


this is my first post, just to drop some tint into this blank paper and make it some kinda official or just say it... the launch?

My Name is Ika / Neong
I'm 21 years old

I'm a student

have one brother

I'm Indonesian (from Makassar city)

but I'm curently living in Singapore to pursue my education

ok. all set for the intro hope i'm having fun in filling this so called Diary for me, coz I'll just talk about some issues around me and I'll just sharing some stuff i have here. ^^