Monday, December 29, 2008

nOT anoTheR orientation daY

Today is my orientation day. It's not that I'm a 'real freshmen', but I was just started my 3rd semester.
Ok, I'll explain about my school.

I'm studying at Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) majoring in Business Management. SIM is a new public school in Singapore, previously it's private (and it's the first and only one private-going-public university in Singapore). The thing is, public tertiary institute in Singapore can not grant a degree as public school can. Thus, they bring overseas universities to collaborate with to be able to issue a degree certificate for their students. Of course, the degree are granted from the overseas schools.

Here I am, studying Diploma in Management Studies (DMS) awarded by SIM itself for 15 months; and after finishing DMS, I straight away being transferred by SIM-RMIT to the 2nd year of RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) University in Business Management specialized in entrepreneurship. Do take note that I'm still doing my study at SIM building and stuffs, but I can transfer/move to Australia anytime within my education.

I think I'll postpone my story about orientation when the pictures arrived at my facebook / email!^^

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