Saturday, January 31, 2009

fandom craving

These days I haven't had a chance to update my diary since (well I'm not busy thou) I'm spending my time watching dramas and catch up with my favorite korean boyband's variety shows.

As people around me knows, I'm obsessed with korean boyband called Dong Bang Shin Ki or in korean hangul 동방신기. They were debuted in Korea 26th December 2003. In Japan, they're known as 東方神起 romanized: Tohoshinki (japanese form of dong bang shin ki), debuted in 27th April 2005, and in Chinese (also their international version name) it's TVXQ (Tong Vfang Xien Qi)~ chinese form of dong bang shin ki. The meaning is 'Rising Gods of The East'. Their name has a meaning that this group will expand throughout Asia and the world. At first, they admit that they were embarrased to use this name, as the meaning is superior and it makes them bring a lot of pressure to prove that they're as good as their name. But now, as they are the biggest and we could say the number #1 group in Asia, they're confident and proud of their name.

Many people in my hometown don't know them, since we're not so in touch with internet, because it was damn slow. Thus, we didn't know what happened around the world, and in order to get to know them, we have to be an active netizen because most of us doesn't have korean tv channel.

People said why do they have so many names? well simply because they were also debuted in japan, so they have a japanese name and chinese name for international fans.
Their official fansclub is Cassiopeia, has registered 800,000 fans from Korea (years ago), and now it has reached more than a million from Republic of Korea only (excluding all their international fans such as Japan~their fanclub name is Bigeast~, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, United States, Australia, Spain, and any other countries all over the world). well, we love them as much as the official Cassies do...

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