Thursday, February 12, 2009

SMTown Bangkok Fiesta

I know it's too late to write about this, because I was so busy catching up with my assignments and lectures after a 5 days out to Bangkok for the sake of watching SMTown Live in Bangkok which was held on 7th February 2009.

ok, I'll explain about SMTown now.
SMTown is a community of singers whose working under SM Entertainment management which centered at South Korea, and bring the Hallyu wave accross the region. the artists are some of the best in the industry. some of the legends are: H.O.T, BOA, Shinhwa, and of course my lovely TVXQ. They are the one who spread Kpop fever all over Asia, and the world!

the artists who came to perform at the concert: TVXQ, Super Junior, The Grace, Zhang Li Yin, Girls Generation, and Shinee!^^
unfortunately, The Grace could make it due to one of the member got injured and she has to be hospitalized (i guess?)

I insisted to go since Bangkok is closer than any other country where they held concerts at, such as South Korea, or China. Another reason (the main reason, actually ;-P) was because 6th february is my lovely number #1, TVXQ U-know Yunho's birthday! 2008 is the first year I became a Kpop fan, and this is his first birthday since I became his hardcore lover. and I get to celebrate his birthday together with him!!! hhuuwwaaaaaa~~~ ureshiii na'!! I'm glad I made it! ^^

I went with my family (my mom and brother) and my friend (with her family as well).

6the February 2009, the Press Conference day.

Okay, we were being greedy said we'll be on the spot (Parc Paragon, Siam Centre) early in the morning, but we ended up arrive there around 12 noon. It was damn hot, and the fans were already waiting there enthusiastically. I know TVXQ, the one I've been anticipating the most won't come up because their schedule. so..... I'll just wait for Super Junior then...

we juz arrived there and getting too excited! hahaha...this will be our first time experiencing the fandom world of KoreanPop. we really are a newbie here!!! we just started to know about korean pop artists since July - August 2008.

Everybody there seems to own complete merchandises..LOL
i was like...seriously, they sell all kpop things in their school like it's just so common there...not like us, in Indonesia or Singapore, it's so rare to find Kpop merchandise being sell! and all of them are adorable! i mean, they don't look like cheapskate stuffs. sigh.... i want them too!!!
we saw SUJU & TVXQ umbrella, and we asked some of them, 'where did you buy it?' they said 'at my school'...aahhh..i envy Thai fans!

we wait untill 4 'till the dance cover performance go to the stage. they are all amazing! they even did complete dress up & make up the same with the real artists! two thumbs up!
and a lot of cute boys up there! LOL

I'm sorry, the pictures are blur because I can't seems to make my hands steady...LOL

around 5 pm plus, the real artists came and heated up the fans. it was really scary! Gosh....the fans went crazy and everybody wanted to go to the front so that they could see closer. I mean, it's not even the real concert yet! well it's indeed closer than the real concert tomorrow...but this really marked a deep scar (LOL...wth am i talking here?) to me, i felt depressed just to think about the next day, the real war which is the concert day itself. How would it be? it's only the PressCon yet it really heaten up the masses 'till i felt like dying there! I couldn't even breath! so I gave up after 10-15 minutes and i get off from the crowd and find place at the back (even at the back, we can't move and we can't get out from the presscon area, because it's closed since afternoon (restricted so that the mass won't be exploded..duh! already!).

there were:
  • Super Junior members except Heechul & Kyuhyun (they came but didn't attend the presscon), and Kibum (who didn't come to Bangkok, rumoured he stayed because his Mom fell sick) poor thing~~~
  • Zhang Li Yin
  • Shinee: all five members; Onew, Jong Hyun, Taemin, Minho, Key
well, u know what, i was kinda dissapointed with this presscon. while we have to wait so~~ damn long under the so~~~burn hot sunny, we can't see our top priorities! (fyi, my friend was waiting for Heenim & Kibum!( and they didn't come). and what i wanted to see is my TVXQ Jung "U-know " Yunho and the other TVXQ members ( i luv them equally!) ~well, I also like Suju thou, but still... i felt like it's kinda not worth it with those kinds of harsh conditions. But thank god i get to see Shinee!!!
I wasn't really into them initially, but after I saw them. I was impressed! i was like "WOW!!! these boys are surprisingly shining!" I mean, they have bright aura/charisma! Gosh damn it! they are so~~~cute!!! after that onwards, i officially became their fan as well (sigh...)

report on Suju, Shinee, Zhang Li Yin

Super Junior....
  • Leeteuk: He's such a nice leader! He's friendly, full of smile, attentive to the fans, and he's funny as well, and as just what we see from the pictures & videos, he's cute just like his nickname Angel Teukkie^^ ( he wore sunglasses that he admitted in the internet, he wore it so that in the pictures, he won't blink)...LOL...what was that???
  • Sungmin: He's cute! but he looks more manly in person (i mean, different image from what i we all know, that he's irresistably-adorable-cutie)
  • Hankyung: He looks exactly the same as the pictures & videos, just he's fairer in person
  • Siwon: Gosh damn it! He's so~~~~~ handsome! i expected it thou, but he has an aura of a model! his charm really brightens everybody around him!!! He's way better looking in person! and a total gentleman! sigh....i fell for him again that day^^
  • Eunhyuk: when in the videos we usually find him cute and funny, in my opinion, he looks different! i didn't find his 'cute-foolish-beingbullied" look. He's simply cool!!!
  • Kangin: he's getting fat (i'm sorry oppa TT_TT) *kicked by Kangin*, and he talked alot...LOL i didn't meant to talk bad about you, oppa~~~ *slapped again by Kangin*.
  • Ryeowook: He looks better in person, and more stylish
  • Yesung: me & my friend were totally in love with Yesung there!!! he's so kind, friendly, such a camwhore, and likes to make pose to the fans (while others are talking) for us to take his picture! yaaaayyy!!! WE LUV YESUNG!!! ^^
  • Donghae: he's so cool & stylish with that hat!!! and he likes to play around with Siwon.
  • Shindong: He's darn slimmer than we thought! i think it's because of his hair make him looks fat. but actually he slimmed down!
Zhang Li Yin: She's pretty, has a nice body, and humble ^^

  • Onew: full of smile all the time, and friendly! adorably sweet<3
  • Jong Hyun: He's cuter in person, less mature look, makes him more adorable^^
  • Taemin: DanG! he's really cute!!! without special expression already makes him just too adorable to resist!
  • Minho: as we expected, he's manly & mature. damn he's good looking (well, duh!)
  • Key: shoot! i fell for Key after seeing him here! he's shining so brightly. He's already fair, and wearing stylish white cardigan makes him unbearably charming! the first time i saw them, i told my friend 'damn, the Shinee kids are so~~~good looking..." i mean, they are waaaayyyy better looking in real life!! sigh....why should I fell for my dongsaeng? LOL

Happy 23rd (24th in Korea) Birthday my dearest Jung Yunho 6th February 2009

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