Saturday, February 14, 2009

SMTown Bangkok Fiesta 2

Saturday, February 7th 2009

Here's the real deal.
The concert held on 7th February 2009 at Rajamangala National Stadium. the concert started at 5pm - 10pm.

we arrived there around 10 am, and people were already queued in front of the gate! LOL... the gate itself will be open at 2pm. so we had lunch first, walking around the area. It was so interesting, the fans were so enthusiastic. We could see that they are prepared all the banners, balloons, lightsticks, posters, merchandises, and the clothes! every artists have their own signature color for us to be acknowledge who we are.

TVXQ fans: red
Super Junior fans: blue
Girls Generation: pink
Shinee: silver blue

because I cherish both TVXQ & Super Junior, I couldn't decide what should I wear (beside, I don't bring any red t-shirt), so I wear neutral colour. but I hold red & blue lightstick, of course.

while we're waiting, we enjoy the atmosphere of fandom^^ hahaa and took picture surely

'Yunho u got me'....was quoted from Mirotic song, there's a lyrics said 'you know you got it!', and Micky & Yunho were high fived together after that.

behind the story of my banner, I have 2 banners, one is the "happy birthday Jung Yunho" and another one is this one. my friend, Dilla...also had a banner with "No Body but Heechul" written, but she didn't bring it because it's too big!
actually I ordered from my friend in small size, which we can hold and show during the concert, but it came out like these big....sigh....i really really felt like crying TT_TT

ready to go in, collect the ticket. we purchased the ticket online (thank god there's the english version) at

we made friends there. Yeah, it's easy to make friends with them because we already have mutual interest. and the Thai people are so friendly!!! they are so nice, polite, and full of smile.
I met a friend called Maggie. She translated the announcements for us, and she even brought our bags when we went to the toilet. I'm so sorry Maggie TT_TT

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