Saturday, February 14, 2009

SMTown Bangkok Fiesta 3

Dilla, as a Petal & Undead!
she insisted to take pictures in front of Heenim's banner!!!

banners that attract our attentions were:
~ Prince Shim banner (for TVXQ Shim Changmin)'s really huge! and the Cassies were kindly holding it everytime someone wants to take picture with it.
~ TVXQ 5 members in photoshopped pictures wearing Thai Boxing suits. honestly, I don't really like it.
~ Soompi forum team (from Los Angeles) walking around with "Soompi forum come here to greet TVXQ" banner in their hands.
~ oh, there was also Happy birthday banner for Super Junior Kyuhyun.

merchandise that attract our attentions!
~ Girls Generation huge lollipop toy!!'s freaking cute!!!
~ Girls Generation t-shirt which was wore by 2 western guys. It says 'Yuri is my Hero' in Pink ink on a white t-shirt.

a birthday gift for my Yunho which I supposed to give him at the end of the concert, and how fool I was, to throw it to the stage at the beginning and it didn't even reach the stage. so it lost in front of my eyes, in front of Yunho, after that incident i really had a bad gloomy mood. i didn't even concentrate to watch the concert itself. I felt like crying every time I remind of it.

Dilla's (HeeBumIn~stands for Heechul, Kibum, KAngin)
Maggie's (U-know U Got Jaejoong (she's YunJae supporter)
Mine (Siwon, Prince Simba~ simba is siwon's nickname given by Heechul)

Me, Dilla, and Maggie.
Maggie, a friend we met there. Her mom is so friendly, and Maggie also kindly explain every time there's announcement
we're waiting in front of the stage to save the nearest spot to the stage.

She also likes Yunho & Jaejoong, and Heechul & Hankyung. what a coincidence huh?!
and she memories all their song lyrics u know? i mean tvxq, super junior, and girls generation's songs! even the smtown songs...
uummm...well, maybe we'll memories them too if we knew them a lot longer than this.
we're kinda new fans, remember??? hehehe^^

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