Saturday, February 14, 2009

SMTown Bangkok Fiesta 4

The concert began around 5pm++
They were late thou, we're waiting for so long, and before the concert actually started people already stand...gosh... i mean, don't you want to save some energy before running out of energy with the 5 hours concert? huuuufffhhh...
but what can we do, we have to stand too otherwise people will step on us...T_T
hahaaa... we even got separated with Maggie. Lucky girl, she's tall she doesn't need to find a perfect spot to stand.

The first appearance was Shinee
They danced to "Run It" by Chris Brown
It was awesome! especially Taemin...the magnae (the youngest among all the members)
and Key was so cute^^... he likes to look at the fans (with blank

everybody went high all of the sudden since their appearance...
the audience went crazy, and us, we're moving like waves. we're being pulled and pushed by the crowded. Damn it was horrible. It felt like a war...

I was like "If I knew the condition would be like this, I should have took the seating venue"
I felt like dying...haaiiizzz
and as time goes by, we actually got to stand so close from the stage. We stood at the second row in front of the stage (one people gap). yaaaayyy ^__^

The advantages: we could see the idols very very very close, and they could see us very clearly too!!! Super Junior Leeteuk even went to us and offering to shaking hands, and even took a letter from the fans and read it right away.

The disadvantages: It's a damn hot spot!! so many people want to took over our place, hence, they push and pull us around. So we have to be ready to defend all the time in those 6 hours.
another disadvantages were:
- the stage was so high, so short peeps (like me) wouldn't be able to see if the singers performed at the back side of the stage
- the sound system damn blocking the view!!!!!!! shoot!!!!

although I think other venues also have same problems thou...
but being used to attending westerners music concert, my expectations were high.

I mean, at the other concert I've attended, like Rihanna's, My Chemical Romance's, Gwen Stefanie's, and other musicians' makes me feel like this concert is so harsh. The people keep on pushing and pulling us around, as the result, we couldn't concentrate at the performance itself!
It was such a huge audience thou, so I didn't blame the artists from walking around since the stage arrangement was unbelievably huge.

Gosh, I really want them to perform in one simple stage (without stage wings and everything) so that we know where to stand to get close to them. sigh...
damn, life is hard T_T

I was so excited and anticipated for the moment I will get to see my Baby, Jung 'Uknow' Yunho...
At the first Dong Bang Shin Ki's appearance, Hug's intro, the heartbeat sound played.
Dang! I was like "owmygosh, owmygosh...this is it, this is the time..." I prepared my eyes and heart (not to stop thumping...LOL) finally I'm going to see them!!! the 5 Rising Gods of The East!

but guess what!!! I have to calm myself as I'm listening to their voice live but I couldn't see them!!!! They're at the most front stage (not the main stage). They came to the stage with cars. Shoot! it's my all time most favorite song! and I have to be patiently cried out...andwaee....

but when the rap song 'The Charm of the 21st century' by Yunho, Yoochun, Shindong, Donghae, and Key started,
'Gasp.....................................'(sound of blood sucked) U-know Yunho is in front of my eyes!!! in black suit with his diamond earring.

my response was:
stand, freezing, with dumbfounded look, I was so speechless that I couldn't make any sound. I felt like my brain stop working, and i threw the gift hoping that he'd pick it up (damn, i ald made a promise with Dilla that she'll be the one who'll tell me when is the right time to throw it to the stage!!!)~~~can I be more clueless??? ほんとうに ばかやろ!
LOL...even Dilla has to think first, she couldn't recognize leader-sshi...she was like 'who's that? he looks familiar' LMAO... coz I didn't make any sound!!!
this is also the reason why I don't have a single picture of him that i took with my camera with my own hands. every time he stands in front of me, i juz went blank and freeze.

hehehe..that's all i need to explain about my first impression to Jung 'Uknow' Yunho
I couldn't think about anything else... I couldn't see how good looking is he, how fair is he, how charming is he...i juz drawn to him...really, I juz like him more and more!

alritey! time to review on Dong Bang Shin Ki! (I'm so sorry if u find this to be biased...because i like them a lot. But I'm trying so hard to look from neutral perspective..arasso?)

Kim 'Hero' Jaejoong:
He's indeed gorgeous, but he looks really tired and pale i guess he'd be more gorgeous when he's in better condition. He smiles by himself a i dunno why.
but i guess...that's another dorky side of him (everybody knows how wierd could he be?..hehehe)
*kick by Jae & JJ lovers*
and he unbuttoned his clothes! showing off his masculine body...sigh...JJ... how could you expect your fans to be alive after they saw that?

Jung 'U-know' Yunho:
Hahaha...I'll try my best to judge fairly, okay?
He's tall..well, duh! He got pimples that day LMAO, and his face blushed to red ( I dunno why), maybe because of the heat???? from winter in Korea to the humid hot Thailand. He's cute and likes to monkeying around, doing jump and random dance!!!! *kick by Yunho*
but when it times to performing the SMP songs, damn I was about to faint!!!
his dance, his moves, his flow (sounds like G-Dragon's rap @Seungri's Strong Baby.. ;-p)
it kills!!! Yunho oppa!!!! aishiteru~~~!!!!

Park 'Micky' Yoochun:
LOL...I can't be bothered more about his hair! it was messy and puffy *slap by Yoochun*
but there was time when he pull back his hair (only abt 2 seconds), damn he's beautiful! okay, beautiful in a manly way! he's so fair and looks like a westerner. He's truthfully a cutie!!!!!

Kim 'Xiah' Junsu:
while I'm expecting for funny, adorkably, clumsy Dolphin to appear, but He appear so manly! He's so good looking and more handsome compare to the pictures and the videos. and there was a time that impressed me the most, when they sang 'Love in the Ice'. before his turn to sing the high pitch part, he raise both of his hands till the waist, close his eyes, and absorbed energy around him. We can tell that He really really enjoy singing and sings with his full heart. it really made me touched. Dilla also saw that, and he came to like Junsu more! (well, who doesn't??!!)

Shim 'Max' Changmin:
hhhyyyaaaaa...I luv him more after seeing him in real life!!! XD
He's soooo dazzlingly charming!!!! he shines so brightly (i know it sounds cheezy, lol)...but i meant it!!! when people said he's so cool on stage, I found him so attractive and he smiles all the time too (not like adorkably smiling by himself like JJ did! lol...*slap by JJ*) He looks at the fans so often! (or is it only me felt that? since I stand just in front of him)
in the middle of the performance, he unbuttoned his shirt!!! sigh.... Changminnie! did u intend to flood up the hospital by your fainted fans due to major nosebleed u caused??? LMAO XDDD
okay, one more thing to explain about him! His smile kills!!!!!

Changmin while singing Love in the Ice
blurry blurry, it's so hard standing straight steadily when it's TVXQ's turn to appear.

Super Junior M performed "U" and "Me"

TVXQ at ending

Super Junior Eunhyuk, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Zhoumi, and Yesung!

SNSD Taeyon, LOL i dunno when did i took this pic, but I felt that I din snap any picture of SNSD??? well, since the quality is quite okay, I'll juz put it here^^

okay, I wanna tell a story that really gave us a huge impact that night. in fact, it gave us huge impact up to now, and it becomes our everlasting story, that'll be unforgettable for both me and Dilla. This was happen in the middle of the concert.

We knew that Super Junior Heechul likes Wondergirls (specifically, Sohee...LOL). We knew that Heechul likes to dance to Nobody, Tell me, So Hot, all WG songs...
Thus, Dilla decided to make a banner 'Nobody but U 김희철' before, while waiting for the concert started. At first, Dilla put up a small towel with painted Hangul 희철... i was very sure he saw it!!! He took a glance at it, and do some kinda bow which looked like thanking to the fans. We were already scream to excitement!

after a while, she took the 'nobody but u 김희철' banner and put it up (eventhou i grabbed it harshly when i hold it and it poorly tore apart). but u know what???? Heechul saw it!!! with laughter, he danced to 'nobody' in 5 seconds!!!!
OMGee!!!!!! Me and Dilla looked each other and SCREAM like hell..Woooaaahhhh It feels like a dream!! being noticed by ur idol!!! it really become one of the best moment of our life!!! after that, Heechul became so special in our heart ^__^

and there was this funny thing, at the ending, all the artists stood in line in front of us. Super Junior was on front of us, TVXQ was in the middle. and there was this girl holding an SNSD lollipop balloon that blocked my view to them (no offence), i was so pissed!!! (coz she also blocked my view when it was Yunho's birthday celebration).
okay, back to the main story, I couldn't see TVXQ, so I juz take a look at Super Junior. I happened to look at Heechul, and he actually look at Dilla when she took a picture of Hankyung (also SuJu member), and how dumb, she also shouted 'Hankyung, Wo Ai Ni!!!' (hankyung, I love you)..hahahaha

so I spank her and scold her 'what did u do??? Heenim was looking at you??!!'
ROFL...LMAO...LOL...after i told her about that, she's dyin' of regret and feeling sorry for having an affair in front of Heechul.... ^___^

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